Fort Smith Escape Room

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The goal was to design a card that would fool your average human into a false sense of security so they would allow themselves to be locked in a room for an hour by a stranger.

So, you down?!

The Challenge

Not many people are up for being locked in a room for an hour and tasked with solving puzzles.

But hey, if you phrase it a different way, you'll find that people are perfectly okay with paying money to throw heavy balls down a lane over and over until it hurts, shoot each other with little balls of paint, or drive tiny slow cars in circles.

It's all about the phrasing.

The Solution

Grab some friends. Solve some puzzles. Have a blast!

And we did! Fort Smith Escape Room continues to be one of our best outlets for creativity, allowing us to work with them on multiple fronts, from branding their rooms to helping with their new Halloween-themed fusion of escape rooms and haunted houses.

Like we said, it's all about the phrasing. Check out the site here!

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